About "WeLuvLosAngeles"

No filter in terms of speaking our minds… full utilization of our right to free speech. There is a direct benefit to you, our readers, which will be cut throat opinions on the L.A. lifestyle us three have become well acquainted with that thrives on art/fashion/music/food.

                                                      MEET HANNAH
Im an effin hippie at heart . I believe in bartering so I typically visit thrift stores and local boutiques. On rare occasions do I ever spend more then I earn on a must have. This is simply because I have a list of stores in losangeles where I can find hot trends for reasonable prices. I have a good eye and appricate beauty in any form.              

                                                                   MEET SARAH

Currently a student and working artist.  I admire no-brow attitudes, respect for nature and others' personal space -- exceptions made in the name of good art, food, and passionate internet-stalking.  You can find me at art events or places I really shouldn't be searching for inspiration and good art to share.

                                                                      MEET DEE

Born n’ Raised in the beautiful rotting city of losangeles... A (wo)man of my words anxious to be heard. My passion is food. I don't eat to live... I live to eat! Try looking for good Asian/Mexican food at 4AM in the morning... yea, "good luck everybody else!" (Family Guy excerpt) - ONLY in losangeles ladies and gentlemen.