Friday, June 25, 2010

Detachable hoodie

While having a drink at bar 107 in downtown losangeles I noticed this awesome hood. It is a detachable hood that you can accessorize with any outfit. ( Don't know the designers name. Waiting for that info. will post once received) This hood is especially awesome because it is being worn by one of the members from  



Probably one of the "hipper" dive bars in Downtown losangeles. Packed pretty much all days of the week, two bar areas, small dance floor in the back, great music selection, photobooth, one bathroom per gender, no smoking area (walk outside), cheap drinks, attentive bartenders, random-ass interior decor with a HIT OR MISS crowd. With all that said, this place smells pretty bad. Just make sure you are liquored up before you walk in.


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