Friday, June 25, 2010

EDISON vomit

Edison bar in downtown is a part of the historical revamping of downtown losangeles. The decor is a 1920 flapper burlesque theme with silent movies playing on every blank wall.

                                                          Pixies offering poison in a bottle.

But don't be fooled by the pretty interior. This bar has a stench to it. It smells like assholes, and douches.
The staff discriminates and acts as if they are better then you. Their dress code is strict and bizarre. My best guy friend wasn't let in due to his attire. He was wearing classic Converses / black Zara slacks / Joe's Jeans sheer long sleeve. What shocks me is that another guy was let in wearing an American Eagle shirt/ blue jeans / classic Converse. .. really?
I will never go here again ..vomit



The only good thing mentioning is the venue itself like Hannah mentioned. Classy 20's decor, spacious and they put on burlesque performances once in a while.

Weekends are a no-no, they have this ridiculous line that is usually a one hour minimum wait. I'm going to probably call out everybody right now but whoever waits in this line lives a sad, sad life or you just don't know any better... pobrecitos. So let me be clear - this place is for douchebags on the weekends.

Although Happy Hours are considerable being that they have great promotions such as (i) $1 cocktail drinks and (ii) $2 beers in the summer... so say no to weekends children!


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