Monday, June 28, 2010

Hollywood's New Classy Joint - BARDOT

From what was the drug/douche infested electronic after-hours spot "Spider Club" to today's charming upscale "Bardot"... Kudos to the new owner of this establishment. I've always known it had potential to be a classy joint. Now it is.  

Great vibe, crowd, decor, various live music performances in the large patio area, no ridiculous bottle-required booths because it's on a first come first serve basis, pretty cocktail servers... Basically how Hollywood SHOULD BE. 

The only teeth grinding aspect is the Hollywood priced drinks and the $20/parking. FYI - I would park in the lot one block east of Vine which charges $10 unless you hit jackpot with street parking.

Otherwise, it's a great lounge - perfect for birthdays... I had a little Asian glow going on last Saturday with my friend Amanda celebrating her friend Blake's birthday. Happy 30th!


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