Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hide Sushi Really Does Hide Well (Pun Intended)

I am not a sushi lover nor am I able to swallow sashimi let alone sushi without regurgitating... that is until I came here to this joint in west losangeles. I can honestly say I enjoyed the texture and smell of the recently dead fish on a tart-y pile of rice. This place might have just opened my food palette to the world of the overrated sushi frenzy. I'm surprised none of my sushi-crazed friends have taken me here! Anyways, here's the scoop:

  • Well hidden amongst the 10,000's of restaurant on Sawtelle between Olympic + Santa Monica... you may pass it thinking its an abandoned house of some sort. But for a place with such terrible signage, the place is "poppin"! So be prepared to wait it out a bit... perhaps check out our blog while waiting =) 
  • The venue is one of the few restaurants on Sawtelle that has free validated parking that's not in a Plaza. 
  • Nothing special as far as the decor goes... just your typical mom n' pop look - table. chair. lights. 
  • Its friendly, attentive and "Speedy Gonzales" service is outstanding. No joke. Even with a full house, I barely had to wait to feed my yearning stoamch.
Here, you get both quality and quantity. I must say the pricing is great. Probably because it's a CASH ONLY place. HAHA - sneaky asian folks cheating the system... more power to you =)  If your food wasn't so great Hide Sushi... I'm sure you'd be accepting credit cards too.


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