Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Headquarters in losangeles

Rock & Republic has evolved from a edgy denim line to an all around lifestyle.
They currently sell handbags, shoes, makeup, dresses, and their signature garment denim pants. There has been talk about bankruptcy, but currently the offices located in losangeles still have their lights on.

Lucky Brand is currently having a great sale on select items. 50% off wowwwzers.
Even thou this company originated in a Florida Laundromat. They now run all of their main business in the county of losangeles.

Though critics and some consumers dislike Forever 21 they are one of the top leading fashion companies today. They keep up with current trends and have more then reasonable prices. You can find Forever 21 in every major mall in losangeles.

American Apparel is on every street corner in losangeles. This multi million dollar company raises awareness for controversial topics such as Gay Marriage. Currently they have a buy one get your partner one free deal which is super cool since our current retail tax rate is at 9.750 %


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