Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who Doesn't Want to Be Pampered?

Don't be fooled by this venue's lack of awning signage off of Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Within the three blocks of shops there must be at least three other nail salons. Natures Nails is truly a gem for the following reasons:

- First and foremost, $25 for mani/pedi in Beverly Hills??? Ridiculous right? Awesome actually...
- What differentiates this place from the others is apparent right when you walk in the door - no harsh chemical smell! This is because they don't do acrylic nails. Now this may be a bad thing for those who seek for it, but for me I love it because I never get them anyways.

- They will work with YOUR schedule.  Meaning that if you call and request a certain time even its before/after normal business hours, they will accommodate.

- What really brings me back is the unusually nice beauticians that takes great care of you... in a sincere manner. I was so used to the "talking in another language about you or another client right in front of you to another coworker while smiling at you" type of service. Be sure to make friends with the owner Tracy... she'll treat your wigglies well. 

OK... but I do have to mention the only bad/annoying thing about this place. Parking. But where isn't this an issue in our beloved losangeles. Because this is on the boulevard,  its metered parking only unless you get lucky in the residential area. So do what I do... come any day after 6PM when the meters are FREE. Oh, and no massaging chairs... that stuff ends up hurting me more at the end anyways with its jabbing spine move.

That about sums it up... You can find me here twice a month! 

By the way, I'm not comfortable with shooting my own feet so I pulled this photo from yelp. 


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