Monday, June 28, 2010

Electric Daisy Carnival for the Electro Heads!

Went to EDC on Saturday night... I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the reknowned DJ's track selections like Benny Benassi/Armin Van Buuren/Roger Sanchez but pleasantly surprised by Groove Armada/MSTRKRFT. With that said, I still think the rave scene is experiencing "technical difficulties" these days. We need to take it back to 1999!

More artwork was visible all around the giant playground from previous years. Perhaps next year Sarah can join and get us all in for free! LOL =p

But gotta love the dancers at each stage for live entertainment! This was earlier in the day hanging out at the Drum & Bass stage...

Just don't be stupid... be safe and have fun!


adding on
The damage of EDC : (2 people in intensive care) (75 people in comatose)... what the fuck is wrong with you idiots.
The mission of raves has been absent well past 99'. Growing up with two older sister( 10yr and 8yr age gap) that were present at the begning and end of raves. I hold onto the old rules and beliefs of being a raver.
( My sister on the left )
what is today is not raving it is a bunch of junkies finding a spot to do their damage. mission accomplished. well done you scum of America. well done.

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